Note: This implementation demonstrates the library but the included demo files better demonstrate the fullscreen app potential. Get the files at GitHub

Scroll Me Bro

A simple jQuery backed scroll arrester

Quickly block un-intentional background scrolling when certain elements are scrolled or touched. Un-intentional scrolling and bouncing can make an app's layout seem loose and sloppy.

The Test

Scrolling inside of this div with the mouse wheel or on a touch device should allow the content to freely scroll up and down.


Add the scroll lock to your page with one line of jQuery!

var noBroNo = new ScrollBlocker($('#noBroNo'));

Need to nest a scrollable element in one that is locked?

var nestedScrollingDiv = new NestedScroller($('#nested-scroll'));

Github Project Page

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Ipsum text by Veggie Ipsum

Don't scroll me Bro.

Scroll This div with the mouse wheel. With the scroll blocker turned on, there should be no effect on the right hand side

The Test

Click the Remove button and test the page out without scroll blocker. With the scroll blocker removed the right side of the page now scrolls When the mouse wheel is used on the left side. Gross right?

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This is a nested scroller.